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Woman watches with diamonds


The choice of a watch is never a coincidence. Women today, active, independent, knowledgeable amateurs, are aware of the challenges of being and appearance. As such, they need to choose a watch like them that values their image, and that pleases their course. A watch that will accompany them in all situations of life, while adapting to a schedule that takes often briskly from dawn to dusk.

At a time when everyone can read the time on the phone screen of his computer or his car panel, choose a watch itself is not a harmless gesture. A timepiece that is constantly on edge door is more than a utilitarian object. Detached from its primary function, give the time it reaches the size of cult object, close to the lucky talisman or charged with meaning and value as a present sentimental.For women, as for men, the watch expresses an identity, a kind of values passport, a certificate of membership in a group, reflecting, in a silence broken only by a regular ticking of a genuine lifestyle.

Note in passing that the appearance of artifacts do not necessarily correspond 100% to reality. It is permissible to cheat a little, using this great game of illusions to build self-image a bit idealized. In this, women are equal to men and that is human; you just keep that in mind to avoid disappointment. Today, women are choosing more and buy their timepieces themselves. Career women or power, or active women aesthetes, those who cross the threshold of a watch shop in search of a timepiece have different profiles and motivations. Luckily, the choices available to them is vast, and if the range of male role models is much broader, the latter are no exception.Although not exhaustive, this selection to design to offer some ideas that can guide the choice facing many models, colors, design and existing diameters. The objective is that the purchase made is a real stroke of heart and not reasoned preference of a clever salesman.

Mother of pearl and diamonds or nothing

The eternal feminine, as it was painted, written and sung by artists of all time, evokes notions of elegance, delicacy and sweetness. One thinks, for example, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. In the eyes of this artist, the goddess of love could not come into the world in a shell carried by the waves. Today, shellfish became the official supplier pearly treasures of watches and jewelery. This noble but fragile organic matter undoubtedly evokes femininity, with its shimmering iridescent shades variations. White, symbol of purity, is a wise and timeless classic while the rose displays the soft coloring of a fresh flower.As for the deep night shades storm of Tahitian mother of pearl, they convey a sense of sensuality and exoticism. Applied on a dial, this wonderful gift from the sea transforms each watch unique. Infinitely precious, diamond is the emperor gems, and another gift of nature, which seems to be designed for the pleasure of women. This symbol of eternal love and illuminates many fine watches, and radiance, drawn from the depths of the Earth, as a divine agreement with the pearl after the seas.

From first glance, one might argue that the pearl and diamond registry can dress a wrist in the evening, but this refined combination is seen more and more to the city in broad daylight. In fact, if he had to keep only one jewel like faithful companion 24 hours a woman - except the alliance - a watch, but not too precious, is undoubtedly the best ally. For those dreaming qu'horlogerie rhymes with love, romantic repertoire including watches offer attractive Black Beauty Frederique Constant illustrating the ideal combination of Tahitian mother of pearl and diamonds.Both interlaced and pierced hearts accentuate, if necessary, the romantic character of the piece.

Also in the field of mother of pearl night, precious Cat's Eye Power Reserve Girard-Perregaux, would make the eye to any woman who wants to stand out with luxury and sophistication. The white mother is no less beautiful. Associated with clear diamonds, it moderates and softens sportiness and stylistic rigor of certain steel models, while making the most appropriate to ensure a successful transition between day and night. This is the case for Baume & Mercier Linea and Cape Cod Hermes. As delicate and pocket the wrists for which they were designed, the Omega Ladymatic like Queen of Diamonds Oris are pretty little reliable watches. And have also the same advantage as the first three: within them beats a quality automatic movement, visible from a transparent background.

The advantage of the great watches

Pearl and diamonds also bring a touch of glamor to the imposing or technical parts, which are initially the female privilege of large size. Proportion forces, large are well advised to choose watches "at their level"; on the one hand, the situation is an undeniable visual balance, on the other hand this allows them to access a class of interesting watches mechanical perspective. Indeed, small watches, such as ultra-flat, are frequently equipped with quartz movements, which reduces the watch value. But there is another category of women who identify with no trouble unusually large models: those who want to get noticed, or just to stand out from their peers in an unconventional style. Mechanical, accumulated original complications or displays are all keys to suit the taste of those who want the character and it shows.

The virtuoso of this selection is the Longines Master Collection.With its 40 mm diameter, it displays a simple yet elegant hours, minutes, seconds, day, month, date and moon phases. Chopard not more afraid of large diameters by proposing an august Imperial Chrono, fully polished to a mirror effect striking and adorned with a pearl heart dial and a set amethyst in the winding crown. Art shows as well, but in terms of high-tech ceramic her dressing, Chanel J 12 Chromatic makes total abstraction of nacre but pride to diamonds that illuminate the room with the androgynous type a burst terribly glamor. With at first sight only a small air shows borrowed from dad, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 mm has become a real option for women, since this iconic model was proposed enlarged version for men. In this variation in white gold with an almost monastic sobriety, except for index diamond and emerald, one is in the presence of a powerful piece that invites women to walk or to encroach on the territory of men.

Corum, the Admiral's Cup Legend is extrapolated to the male universe, specifically sailing. The gamble paid off for his famous twelve-sided case adorned with pearl and diamonds makes this desirable timepiece with the fairer sex. Much more difficult than the previous ones, but still pretty wide on the wrist, D de Dior, available in 38 mm diameter, opts for the ultimate simplicity combined with the purest refinement. However, its thinness is to be on behalf of a quartz movement. What we regret pout if we attach importance to what is invisible to the eye.

Dedicated to the lunar orb, a classic display of feminine watch, but in edited form as a cushion unprecedented and generous, the Zenith Star Moonphase reveals a retro reminiscence modernized art, carrying his admirable board movement Ultra Elite 692. Fun and floral even in its name, the Perrelet Diamond Flower is a harmonious balance between the useful and the pleasant to eyes.The stylized lotus flower is none other than the visible face of the double-rotor that drives the power reserve of this piece playful. Crimped petals flowers and iridescent ripples the surface of the dial part of the botanical evocation.

Squaring the circle

The square watches deserve separate treatment, as they appear from the outset their difference in a world where everything is round, starting with the stroke of the needles on the dial and the wheels in motion. Largely minority, please watch this category usually restricted and informed public, sensitive racy and radical style rectangular middles. In a spirit steeped in a tradition that forges close links with the equestrian world, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, with its inimitable reversible case, is the product of the Art Deco design in which it also draws its origin. Perfectly balanced and successful, she has this rare ability to never go out of fashion. The Ralph Lauren Slim Classique, ref. 867 inscribed in its absolute square stripped classicism unnecessary.Although much younger than the previous piece, it already has qualities worthy of timelessness and a dial at the mid-Roman lettering, very successful mid-Arabic. As for the Twenty-4 Patek Philippe Ladies it appears among the most famous rectangular watches, because of its affiliation with the prestigious but also its refined aesthetics in all circumstances. This jewel-watch, with the look of a large polished bracelet, is powered by a quartz movement because of its small size.

Alternative to diamonds

Moreover, the watches may well be attractive while passing precious stones. A rare dial, sophisticated décor or very bare hand, an ornate dressing may deliver a sense of preciousness. Jaquet-Droz such as Aventurine, the dial semi-precious stone (Aventurine) offers a true escape into what looks like a deep night sky.His distinguished housing, her round, full forms attached to a satin strap, earned him a one woman watches, steel and without diamonds, the most attractive market. In the end, there are as stylish and versatile watches than women, so that each can find the model that is most like him.

The woman watch with diamonds is often a luxury watch made by a brand recognized for its expertise and whose finishes are also impeccable, particularly the housing is also often made of a noble materials such as 18k Rose Gold or very aesthetic like ceramic that the movement that animates!
When a woman wears a luxury watch with diamonds is much more than a watch, it is also a gem.
And watch jewel can be worn in warmer so it has a leather strap or a mother of pearl dial.

Ladies Watches Diamonds

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