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TAG Heuer Carrera

Tag Heuer Carrera

To pay tribute to this unique adventure, what the epic race "Carrera Panamericana Mexico" Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Launches combining sportsmanship and elegance. It was an immediate success. Modernized, but having lost none of its elegance, this chronograph perfectly expresses the vibrant memory of the era of Gentlemen Drivers.

More than any other watch brand, Tag Heuer is closely related to motorsports. In 1911, she was the first to develop an integrated dashboards of cars chronograph, and even today it is the largest partner. Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi Sport ... Fangio, Schumacher, Senna, Lauda, Prost, Hamilton, Button ... 24 hours of Le Mans, Formula 1, Indy 500 ... The name Tag Heuer is closely linked to those of the most prestigious motorsport brands, those of the greatest champions in the history, of the most legendary races. It is neither a coincidence nor an opportunistic marketing strategy. No.While the links between TAG Heuer and motor sport are as strong, as strong, is that they are original, as registered in the genes of the watch brand in those racing cars. When he founded his workshop in 1860 ie, Edouard Heuer is one of those nascent modernity and speed fascinate. Rather than simply assemble traditional movements, he is interested in what moves the world. Thus he realizes the United States, horse racing became popular. To track workouts, and better bet, fans need more precise pocket watches. Thus Edouard Heuer launches, around 1870, in the design and production of the first pocket chronographs. In 1882, he mass-produced, and in 1887, he filed a patent for a revolutionary mechanism, still in use today: the oscillating pinion. For its part, the automotive industry also grew, and Heuer family is passionate about this new way of moving, sensing that will revolutionize the world, have a resounding success.The first race cars are developed, their speed is increasing. The workshop follows Heuer these advances closely, developing in parallel the necessary equipment manufacturers and drivers. A Visionary In 1911, there 100 years now, Heuer is the first to develop an integrated dashboard chronograph for cars, the legendary Time of Trip. This historic event from the point of view ie that motorsport is the first in a series that is not ready to stop. "It was in 1911 that really began the association between automotive and ie says Jean-Christophe Babin, current President and CEO of TAG Heuer. If we are truly responsible for this association, if we are the initiators, it is because Charles-Edouard Heuer was a visionary (the son of Edward and the great Father Jack, ed.): It is the first to understand that the same would apply to fascination beautiful mechanical watch beautiful cars and lifts.He was driven by the desire to be the master of infinitely precise time, especially in a sports application, since the rationale for a specific time, in those years, mainly concerned the sports world, where ethics requires the ability to decide precisely the first arrivals of a race to determine who is the fastest who is the winner. Simultaneously Time of Trip born the Indianapolis 500, and since, TAG Heuer is recognized by fans of motorsport as the benchmark. "Five years later, in 1916, Charles-Edouard Heuer realize another revolution : the 100th of a second, with Mikrograph first timer in the world to have this precision. This is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century watchmaking, benefiting both sports to science, physics, medicine and industry. The global reputation of the house Heuer was so made and in 1920, his pocket chronographs that are selected as official timekeeping instruments for the Olympic Games.A first in space Despite the Great Depression in the late twenties, and then the Second World War, the company continues to innovate and improve techniques for precise time measurements. In 1933, she launched the Autavia, the first meter dash car and plane. In 1949 she developed the Maréographe first wrist chronograph with a tide indicator. And in 1962, Heuer is the first Swiss brand to go into space. Astronaut John Glenn, who then performed three times around the Earth aboard the Mercury capsule Friendship 7, indeed bears a wrist sports counter Heuer. "At the time, it was at babble on-board computers, and the astronauts had relative confidence in them, tells Jean-Christophe Babin. Entering the atmosphere was primarily a manual calculation is compared with a flight time and a time of orbit; it should not be mistaken, be accurate to the second. So Glenn was keen to have a mechanical instrument can withstand the tremendous acceleration of takeoff."But it is still and always in motorsport that the brand carves its path. In 1966 she patented the Microtimer first instrument of miniaturized electronic timing accurate to 1 / 1000th of a second, and in 1969 she became the first non-automotive brand to sponsor a pilot: the legendary Jo Siffert. According to him, all the great champions will one day either the Heuer logo on their racing overalls. In 1971, this is another association that begins, which will mark a turning point for TAG Heuer. Ferrari: a name, a legend, an absolute prestige. Ferrari asked the Swiss to help improve performance by installing a timing system on its drive at Fiorano circuit. It was then a common destiny which really begins. Ferrari wins the Le Mans 24 Hours, Tennis strength to strength. TAG Heuer, it acquires a reputation that now exceeds the sports world. "In the seventies, the F1 made a big splash on TV and millions of people start to follow the events.Millions of people who are learning at the same time to recognize a weird logo marked "Heuer chronograph." It has enabled us to develop a wrist watch offers a lot more robust. Ferrari has accelerated the globalization of the brand. It was a collaboration primarily technical: installing the cells of its electronic timekeeper at Fiorano, Jack Heuer was telemetry even before the invention of telemetry, "enthuses Jean-Christophe Babin. A as relevant as the past After Ferrari, McLaren there will, of course, and Audi future. F1, rally, motorcycle, karting; races in all categories, international and local. Wherever the written history man-mechanical torque, TAG Heuer is natural partner of motorsport. A brand that has created an iconic, like Monaco, Carrera, Formula One ... A brand that explores new technologies, become responsible environmentally, for example with the Tesla electric sports car superb.A brand that does not just be the tip of the ie, but ventures into mobile phones luxury sunglasses and night. One brand, finally, that continues to be associated with the most prestigious names in motorsport, as recently with the Automobile Club de Monaco. And the future? In the words of Jean-Christophe Babin? "The vision of Charles-Auguste Heuer materialized beyond the wildest dreams. We remain strongly involved in automobile, for when we have the chance to be THE brand associated with one of the most powerful universal dreams, we must continue to mark its territory. Hence the acceleration of recent years, where we launched the 100th and 1000th mechanics. We are the only ones in the world to have done and I think, without bragging, it will take decades to succeed better. We will continue to partner with the crème de la crème of the automobile. We will continue to ensure that the brand is one that is the most, best, and most legitimately associated with the automotive myth.We will, at last, to be bound at the same time the performance and prestige, to partner auto brands as prestigious as relevant mechanically, as is in the World ie, TAG Heuer .. . "Future of TAG Heuer? It's just exciting.

TAG Heuer Carrera

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