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Victorinox shows or the Spirit of Innovation and Sustainable Development. Meet the needs of this responsibly and ensure that future generations will be able to meet their needs for innovative solutions on an unprecedented scale. Innovation is a core value of Victorinox Swiss Army. It governs every aspect of this business and has its source in the design and manufacture of Victorinox watches and extends to our infrastructure and how we use them. The brand is committed to its environmental responsibility part of its heritage. Pioneer in energy conservation and recycling, it ensures that each step in the value chain is oriented towards sustainability: manufacturing in the selection of materials, and packaging for shipment. In a world where resources are scarce and climate change, the need to promote sustainable practices is more urgent than ever.That is why Victorinox Swiss Army announces "Time to Care", a unique project that inspires, encourages and sponsors innovative, responsible and sustainable concepts. Victorinox Swiss Army is undertaking this initiative to draw attention to the important work of some of the most active innovators in sustainable development in the world. The company also wishes to offer young talents a platform for accompager in search of ideas going in the direction of sustainable development. In 2011, we invite you to join us in promoting ecological commitment and thus contribute to the efforts of Victorinox Swiss Army to make the future a little better.
Alexander M. Bennouna
CEO, Victorinox Swiss Army

Karl Elsener in 1884, with the support of his mother Victoria, in Ibach-Schwyz opened a cutlery workshop.

1891 At the initiative of Karl Elsener, the Swiss Association of Master Cutlers is based.Karl Elsener and his colleagues provide the first soldier's knives to the Swiss Army.

On 12 June 1897, the "Swiss Army Knives and sport" is officially registered. This model would later be known worldwide as the "Original Swiss Army Knife."

1909 In honor of his deceased mother, Karl Elsener gives the manufactures name of Victoria and file shield emblem on the cross. Today is a registered trademark in over 120 countries.

1921 invention of stainless steel is of crucial importance for the cutlery. Karl Elsener gives the company the new name Victorinox by combining the abbreviation "stainless steel" with the name of the time (Victoria + Stainless Steel).

1931 Brown Boveri installed at the first workshop Victorinox quenching completely electric world.

1945The "Original Swiss Army Knife" begins its triumphal march around the world and sells very well especially in PX stores of the US Army.

On January 2, 1979, the individual enterprise 'Messerfabrik Carl Elsener "is transformed into a family company Victorinox AG.

1984 The company doubled the size of its factories and commercial premises. It currently employs 810 people generating a turnover of more than 80 million Swiss francs.

1989 American distribution partner then launches first collection of watches in the United States under the "Swiss Army" brand.

1992 The company opened the first branch of the group in Japan. Several other subsidiaries will follow later.

1999 Victorinox enters the market luggage and gives the American TRG Group in St. Louis manufacturing license and marketing. To increase its activities in the sectorwatchmaking, the company creates Victorinox Watch SA moves to Bonfol in the Swiss Jura.

2000 Victorinox Foundation is created and owns 85% of the capital of Victorinox AG. 15% are in possession of the non-profit foundation "Carl and Elise Elsener-Gut Foundation." The main stages of the history of the company

2001 Launch of Victorinox clothing line in the United States. Soho district of New York trend, the first "flagship store" Victorinox opened.

2002 Privatization of US distribution partner Swiss Army Brands Inc. which is publicly traded. The watch brand Victorinox Swiss Army was launched internationally.

2003 Victorinox took over the American company Wenger NA, including perfume brand "Swiss Army Fragrance."

2005 Victorinox takes Wenger SA, the manufacturer of long knives and watches, Delémont based in the Swiss Jura.

2006Victorinox Swiss Army introduces its own watchmaking workshops in Porrentruy, a verticalization which seeks greater autonomy of deliveries and the assurance of a high quality of each timepiece Victorinox Swiss Army.

Victorinox in 2007 based on the site of the main headquarters in Ibach, Switzerland, the company Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance AG. The old line of fragrances Wenger is repositioned and identified by the Victorinox emblem.

2008 Victorinox opens first "flagship store" European in London at the heart of "New Bond Street."

2009 brand opens its first "flagship store" in Geneva, Switzerland. 125 years after its founding, Victorinox employs over 1,800 people worldwide and generates a turnover of about 500 million Swiss francs.

2011 The success of the brand continues with the opening of a "flagship store" in Düsseldorf.

Each Victorinox Swiss Army timepiece embodies the spirit of the legendary knife Original Swiss Army, the universal symbol of functionality, innovation, quality and iconic design.

Each shows Victorinox Swiss Army is designed so as to optimize its utility. The functionality extends easily readable dials sophisticated professional features. Every detail of the design lies in its application. Functions are never additions or embellishments. The goal is to create timeless watches.

Victorinox Swiss Army constantly expands its line of watches with new design elements and innovative features while seeking creative solutions to upgrade existing components to increase their functionality.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches are designed and manufactured with the same rigor that quality pocket tools legendary brand.They also meet the highest standards of the Swiss watch industry. Quality controls and tests each watch face (hardware, movement, assembly, finishing, ...) are such that Victorinox Swiss Army can guarantee for 3 years.

The Original Swiss Army Knife is one of the objects of the world's most functional design. Victorinox Swiss Army watches share the spirit and legacy of this icon. These are precision instruments multifunctional designed to last, just as timeless and contemporary in appearance.


  To manufacture its Swiss Made watches, Victorinox Swiss Army buys with the best materials. Strength, durability and quality are the main criteria.

Victorinox Swiss Army team watches with mechanical movements and precision quartz Swiss Made. They come from the best manufacturers in Switzerland.ETA has 200 years of expertise in manufacturing quality movements. The latter especially equip our mechanical watches (Valjoux Valgranges, Unitas) and some of our quartz chronographs. Ronda movements with innovating with new features that meet the needs of clients. They find their use mostly in our quartz watch with three hands. For special editions of mechanical watches, Victorinox Swiss Army is also developing proprietary movements with renowned partners. To this is added the integration of proprietary electronic modules developed and produced in Switzerland to supply the watch as "N ight Vision II" and "ST-5000".

Stainless steel
The 316L stainless steel alloy used in cases and bracelets Victorinox Swiss Army has excellent anti-magnetic characteristics as well as hardness and resistance to corrosion problems. It is also a sensible alternative for consumers who are allergic to nickel.

Victorinox Swiss Army integrates the metal in some of its sports watches because it is as strong as steel but 45% lighter and highly resistant to corrosion. Its high tensile strength relative to its density makes it ideal for an active lifestyle. PVD Victorinox Swiss Army uses PVD coatings and was among the first watch brands to apply color processing PVD "Black Ice" (black ice), sparking a trend in the industry since.
PVD treatment, clean technology and high performance non-allergenic also used in the aviation industry, is widely used in watchmaking. The process consists of depositing a thin layer of titanium on the stainless steel by condensing a metal vapor in a partial vacuum rather than by chemical or electrolytic techniques. For watches with golden tones, Victorinox Swiss Army also uses a special process: a thin layer of gold powder is added after exposure of the surface to PVD.This method delivers a finishing lasting longer than conventional plating processes life.

The ninety-five percent of Victorinox Swiss Army watches are equipped with ice
scratch-resistant, cut from a polished slice of solid sapphire. For a better readability, each is provided with a three-layer anti-reflective on the inside treatment. By cons, some watches are equipped with a mineral glass which offers better impact resistance.

This technology, known as the Super Luminova® offers clarity in low light conditions, thanks to a non-radioactive and non-toxic substance such as tritium previously employed in the industry. Victorinox Swiss Army Super Luminova® uses for its extremely functional benefits. It is applied to timepieces such as needles, numbers, index glasses etc.


Resilient and iridescent mother of pearl is incorporated into many models of dials collection of Victorinox Swiss Army watches. It is manufactured inside the shell of certain mollusks. That's why every mother of pearl dial is unique. LEATHER All Victorinox Swiss Army bracelets are specially cut, sewn and stuffed by experienced artisans. Leather bracelets cow and calf highlight shades and varied according to the technique used tanning sensations. For some models, Victorinox Swiss Army employs organic tanned leather straps that provide the owner with a softer feel and superior comfort. We also ensure that all our leather bracelets do not come from animals endangered. It is important to keep in mind that the colors and the softness of leather can change with time and exposure to external factors. It is not advisable to expose her bracelets to a daily shower or swim with.If your clients lead a very active life and thus the watch is frequently exposed to sea water or in contact with a lot of sweat, we recommend a steel bracelet or rubber.

For bracelets, Victorinox Swiss Army uses real rubber prime (an extremely pleasant natural material). The rubber has a silky finish and is easy to maintain with proper cleaning.


  For models Victorinox Swiss Army jewelery, diamonds are carefully selected and matched not only by their carat weight but also by their size, color and purity. In this famous characterization approach diamonds "4C" - a standard more than a century in the field of gemology - Victorinox Swiss Army adds a fifth "C" for "cost" in order to grant our customers the best quality the best price. The history of the diamond is also important:all diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We guarantee that these diamonds are conflict-free regions.

In accordance with the regulations and global standards, Victorinox Swiss Army equips its quartz watches mercury-free batteries and acting in a positive way to a not affect the accuracy sustainable environment and the proper functioning of the watch.

Depending on the watch and the desired aesthetic effect, Victorinox Swiss Army uses statements surfaces polished, brushed, satin or milled. Polishing gives luster and shine to the metal, even reinforced by a final polishing done by hand attributes. Catch the light surfaces and the contours of the watch are highlighted. The delicate satin brushing and produce a smooth finish with subtle tones.An ideal surface for watches worn every day. Indeed, they are less sensitive to visible scratches. Less prone to scratches, ground surfaces are mainly used in the industry for top quality watches. At Victorinox Swiss Army is particularly the case for watches "P rofessional" collection. On some models Victorinox Swiss Army, stainless steel is highlighted with a highly decorative finish as the iconic Black Ice PVD treatment. On dials, Victorinox Swiss Army uses the guilloche and brightening as well as other highly aesthetic decorations (applied numerals, diamond cuts, angled middles, levels ...). In addition, movements and funds boxes are either specially decorated or carved individually.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches have a 3 year warranty: more coverage
long as it offered many brands of high-end watches.We can guarantee our watches so long because of our confidence in our team and our quality procedures. Victorinox Swiss Army watches undergo rigorous testing and several quality control before being distributed. Team Quality and equipment at their disposal fully meet the European ISO standards and those of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (NIHS). It also has its own internal standards and tests. Some members of Team Quality act as "filters" and check each stage during any stage of production. Their extensive certification checks continue until delivery. Victorinox Swiss Army also validates each component supplied from external suppliers. The team of quality Victorinox Swiss Army conducts about 50 tests before certifying a watch. Here is a list of the main tests that Victorinox Swiss Army watches are subjected.

All components used in our manufacturing plant in Porrentruy in the Swiss Jura are monitored to ensure that their dimensions, aesthetics, quality and interchangeability blameless. This process is ensured through internal development team that develops the various components. All this comes before production, allowing an integrated process from the start.

Mechanical movement faces many pressures in life. To ensure proper operation and accuracy as long as possible, Victorinox Swiss Army simulates in his own laboratory quality port shows for each manual and automatic movement.

Boxes of Victorinox Swiss Army watches are sealed with gaskets
upscale and screwed funds to rubber to ensure that moisture and dust does not come into contact with the movement.Quality Team conducts individual sealing and water pressure in real 100 meters on the majority of our watches time tests. This depth is the reference resistance of the water mark. Equipment leak test special 500 meters is used for the famous watches "Dive Master 500".

To ensure perfect operation in the tropics, the Victorinox Swiss Army watches
are tested at various different temperatures and humidity. Each also
exposed to freezing temperatures to ensure that the watch, but also the mechanism resists encountered during the practice of winter sports conditions.

Sweat, chlorine, soap, sea water, air pollution - all these substances
and other environmental elements can damage the components and materials of the watch. Victorinox Swiss Army conducts extensive testing to ensure that the parts do not wear out or they lose their mobility due to their exposure to corrosive elements. Parts in contact with the skin, such as boxes, stainless steel bracelets and leather undergo dermatological tests.

The bright light can damage many materials used in watches, such as
coatings, plastics, rubber and leather. Rigorous tests are performed to ensure the sustainability of these materials. For a material to be certified by the Quality Team, no signs of aging should appear during testing under intense light.


The buckle on a leather strap and clasp bracelet steel are subject to a useconstant in their lives. Victorinox Swiss Army watches to submit complete test tensile and torsion paying special attention to securing pins to exclude an accidental snagging can not bend or weaken.

The daily movements of the wrist as well as sporting activities such as cycling, running, riding or skiing can interfere with the quality and precision of a watch. To avoid this, special machines expose Victorinox Swiss Army watches in excess of those they would experience never even on the most active wrist vibrations. If the watch or one of its components do not survive the ordeal, the watch does not pass certification.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches endure many tests shocks. Shots
strong are reproduced in the laboratory:for example the equivalent of a sudden collision with a wall. Appropriate control instruments then no mechanical damage has occurred during these tests.

The functions of the Victorinox Swiss Army watches are tested to simulate the process
aging: moving parts such as buttons, rings and glasses are activated and manipulated to total the equivalent of several years of normal use.

The quality team conducts intensive testing of wear, especially on boxes and
leather straps and steel to ensure that the watches can be worn in all
situations and they do not undergo wear during their working lives.

In addition to this monitoring process, all watches are visually inspected between each manufacturing step by a member of the Quality Team. A guarantor of overall quality based on our own standards Victorinox Swiss Army. If a watch does not pass inspection, it is controlled and repaired. She can return to the production phase once past quality control.


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