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Watches IWC Aquatimer

Although today, saving computer amateur diving most of the computational work, the dive watch none the less, due to its robustness and reliability, the watch sport of choice - and, as a "safety reserve" system backup essential underwater.

IWC Schaffhausen continually refine and improve and reach, both technically and aesthetically, its family of diver's watches marketed for the first time in 1967 under the name Aquatimer.

All generations of IWC Aquatimer have something in common: box size increased slightly. The other common denominator at first glance, the new range is the rotating bezel again placed outside. For its diving watches, IWC has always used the two options for measuring dive times. Originally, the first Aquatimer was derived straight progress.

And refined many times this event coincides with a new partnership for the protection of the environment and seas IWC has contracted with the Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Islands, during the Year of Darwin 2009 . One of the new Aquatimer, Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands, is dedicated specifically to this commitment. This new IWC commitment in the field of environmental policy begins with Darwin Year 2009, in which the world of science will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great British biologist and behavioral scientist Charles Darwin. It is indeed the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific archipelago that has never had any land link with the mainland, he collected his basic teachings devoted to the birth of the species. In this archipelago were formed, due to the different conditions of life - even vary from one island to another - through natural selection, specific plant and animal species that are not found anywhere else.This also applies to marine life. But the "laboratory of evolution" is under massive threat due to urbanization, overexploitation of fisheries and animal imports depriving native species of their natural resources. Nonprofit organization, the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) is dedicated, with over one hundred employees, preservation of this world heritage of UNESCO, which is on the "Red List". IWC participation in this mission is not only moral, but also takes place through a grant paid to the CDF. The new models range from the Aquatimer from 2009, the Aquatimer range will consist of the following hits:
- Aquatimer Deep Two
- Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands
- Aquatimer Chronograph - Aquatimer Chronograph Rose Gold
- Aquatimer Automatic 2000

Overview of the 2009 Aquatimer range features a rotating bezel placed inside that could operate using the second ring.If the system is a foolproof safe side regarding an unwanted adjustment, it is however not as easy to use when the diver is wearing gloves. The watch model 2000 1982 OCEAN already developed in cooperation with Porsche Design, then adopted the external rotating bezel solution that GST Aquatimer 1997 has also retained. The Aquatimer generation of 2009 shows this technique with an external rotating bezel designed from scratch. It is even possible to operate it with the glove, but for safety reasons, only in the opposite direction clockwise.

A sapphire glass, 4 mm wide printed on its underside rests on a thick, six-phosphor layer Super-LumiNova *. In this way, the illuminating power and readability are optimal regardless of lighting conditions.For some models, the new range uses the identification colors black and blue-yellow-orange of the old line Aquatimer, but also introduced new color combinations for the dial, hands and indicators. Another characteristic feature of the new range of diving watches is the innovative system replacement bracelets. **

As versatile sports watch, the new Aquatimer is also suitable for professional tasks underwater. During the dive, a light scratch strap, for example, is a good idea so that we can also wear the watch on the combination neo isoprene. Some appreciate just what they prefer lightweight material to a massive steel bracelet, but want the opportunity to alternate. To reconcile all these options, the Aquatimer models were equipped with a new system bracelet quick-change. ** Just finger in the face of higher fe horn bracelet to unlock a lever and remove the bracelet box.When the door to the arm, the watch is therefore not detach from the bracelet. The interchangeable strap (either plastic, rubber or steel) is inserted between the horns of bracelet, which he engages. A process very simple and can be accomplished without tools in seconds. Aquatimer Deep Two: the Aquatimer Deep Two, which is resistant to a pressure of 12 bar, marks the return, ten years later, the diving watch with depth gauge. As the GST Deep One 1999 already, when diving, it not only displays the actual dive depth, but also the maximum depth reached during the dive. It thus constitutes a second security system in its own right in addition to the dive computer. While the GST Deep One could still measure depths up to 45 meters, the Aquatimer Deep Two is distinguished by a dial indicator in a semicircle which measures the dive to 50 meters. Its measuring system pressure is in a second crown wheel on the left side of the box.The water pressure is directly integrated on the membrane ring and a pin into the center of the housing. This movement activates a lever with needles measuring. But only the switch points identified at the dial visibly move through a semi-circular slot in the dial situated on top of the display scale. The needles are guided around the movement. A smart solution that saves the passage of axes through movement. The needle depth (blue) moves - gradually as the water depth increases - over the measurement field blank. The maximum depth display (red) freezes over respectively the greatest depth reached. A button under the crown of the sensor on the left side of the box, lets you reset it. Box the Aquatimer Deep Two measurement - only family member to do so - 46 mm in diameter. Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands: identical to the size of the box and its automatic drive (cal.79320) to the Aquatimer Chronograph, Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands is at any point of view, an exceptional specimen of the new line. The stainless steel case completely coated matte black vulcanized rubber, black dial and white contrasting views and the rubber strap, also black, make this resistant watch at a maximum pressure of 12 bar a must that will not pass not go unnoticed when it is worn on the wrist. She is the ambassador of a new cooperation between IWC and the Charles Darwin Foundation, which is headquartered in the Galapagos Islands. Aquatimer Chronograph: the characteristics of the new Aquatimer such external rotating bezel range and rapid replacement system ** bracelets, the Aquatimer Chronograph in stainless steel - with stainless steel bracelet or rubber - comes in two different versions for the dial: the "house of the Aquatimer color" black and yellow or a combination of colors, blue and red coral. The watch in its large 44 mm diameter can withstand a maximum pressure of 12 bar.The chronograph movement cal. 79320 additional measurement time up to 12 hours on domestic rhodium dials. Besides the date, it also has a day display is the maine. Aquatimer Chronograph in pink gold chronograph dive among the Aquatimer Chronograph in pink gold dice in March that both aesthetically and of watchmaking technology - the first watch from the Aquatimer range to introduce this feature, it is equipped with the caliber manufacture of 89360, the chronograph movement developed and built in its entirety at IWC. This movement is characterized by its flyback function and display two needle long downtime on a single * IWC Schaffhausen is not the owner of the trademark Super-LumiNova. This trademark is protected by the right of priority in favor of third parties. ** The Aquatimer bracelet system was developed by IWC under a patent license from Cartier. *** This variation has led to a new stage in the evolution of this family of watches. Single inner dial. The cal.89360, recovered by the automatic double-pawl IWC, is now considered one of the most modern mechanical movements with stop function that can be admired through the sapphire of this sports watch diving. This shows that withstands a pressure of 12 bar is available only with a box rose gold 44 mm in diameter with a black rubber strap. Aquatimer Automatic 2000, whose name says it all. In terms of water resistance, a resistance to the controlled pressure of 200 bar, the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 still holds the record for the collection. It is available with a black dial and a black external rotating bezel with luminescent famous segment yellow 15 minutes of the current Aquatimer in stainless steel. The minute hand, showing the duration of the dive is also treated in yellow for a clear distinction. A second version has a white dial with black or white numerals on a white background or black on the rotating bezel. *** It is powered by automatic movement cal. 30110.The Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is available with either a stainless steel bracelet or a rubber strap. The Aquatimer Deep Two marks the return of the diving watch with mechanical depth gauge. It has everything a diver needs for its security. Diving, not only slip into a fascinating alien environment. It is also relying on the technical depth, duration, rate of descent and ascent, decompression, all parameters must be carefully studied to make the most beautiful adventure does not turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, the computer comes to the rescue divers and frees them from most calculations. But it's a bit like the parachutist: if it could be absolutely certain that the system will not risk the slightest failure, whatever the circumstances, it would not need a reserve parachute.It is precisely here qu'interviennent, regarding diving, the powers of the Aquatimer Deep Two, the second watch from IWC diving with mechanical depth and maximum depth display. A full system backup in case the electronic dive computer still had to forfeit. Technically and by its size, the dive watch Aquatimer Deep Two is the flagship of the new generation of Aquatimer IWC. It is "the ultimate guardian of the time" for the dip, indicating the duration of a dive on a prominent outer ring. It remains also fully operational even in total darkness, as the bezel houses, under the ring 4mm sapphire crystal, a highly concentrated dose phosphor Super LumiNova® *. This major functional detail also gives the whole range Aquatimer his new face, although the external rotating bezel has also been redesigned to enhance the user experience.A second key parameter for the diver, the depth, particularly the maximum depth of a dive cycle, also the Aquatimer Deep Two second security system itself. Using these two markers, Emeritus diver may at any time provide the decompression right thing and stop at the depth required to complete the dive without damage. The second hand, combined with the depth gauge, also allows very precise control over the maximum recommended ascent rate of 10 meters per minute. Because you can never be too careful. In its steel case measuring 46 mm in diameter and 15.5 mm in height, the Aquatimer Deep Two features an automatic movement with outstanding reliability, the callus. 30110, with center seconds, date and power reserve of 40 hours. His real specialty, depth measurement, works completely separately and independently. In other words, the gauge would work even if the movement were to stop.As part of the technical realization, engineers were certainly inspired by knowledge gathered during the construction of the diving watch GST Deep One there are exactly ten years but by borrowing new ways to measure the pressure under the water. GST Deep One wound was provided with a movement around which water filled tube through the microperforations a couronnevalve during a dive cycle and gradually stretched when the increased water pressure, thus transmitting the ambient pressure to a double needle via a the sink. The axes of the needle gauge were taken in the middle of the movement. This watch can measure depths up to 45 meters. For the Aquatimer Deep Two, the IWC engineers have instead chosen a completely new approach. On the left side of the dial, this watch has a semicircular display of depth. The current and maximum depths are indicated by two needle tips, blue and red.The system for measuring the pressure of the Aquatimer Deep Two is in a second ring provided with a lid, also the left side of the housing, that is to say the protected side. Above the water level, the pressure switch is set to "zero pressure", that is to say the normal atmospheric pressure. Through the micro of the impeller cover, the water pressure acts on an elastic membrane controlled mechanically and a pin into the heart of the case. This movement defined with extreme precision in turn activates a lever housed in the rotor, either directly behind the bottom of the box, and the two needle guides by means of a gear train. Much of the two gauge needles yet remains invisible from the outside. Only at the points raised ca - dran appear in a semicircle cut therein and sweep the scale. The needles are guided around the movement.An elegant solution, which has the advantage of avoiding the path of the middle axes of motion. The indicator of the depth (blue) moves, depending on the current depth on the white field. The maximum depth indicator (red) is still frozen in the greatest depth reached. Indeed, it is mounted on a base with special teeth that grip in a catch and stop the wheel after each additional partial movement (to a greater depth) wheel. This ratchet can only be released by means of a ring fixed in the valve housing of the left button. The spring force then also reduces the maximum depth of the needle to the position of the indicator of depth. A very safe system.
IWC Aquatimer

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