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And if the ultimate luxury lay in the possession of an object, like no other, that one would have imagined yourself? Beyond the finest materials, the most sophisticated technology and the most advanced expertise, Montblanc has decided to offer its customers ultra-personalization.

When it comes to defining luxury, most large companies specializing in this field use words like "quality", "beauty", "tradition", "expertise", "heritage", "scarcity" .. .
If, historically, the most demanding enthusiasts coveted unique pieces, this trend today is particularly acute at a time when globalization expands the customer to the dimensions of the entire planet. Everything is for sale, anywhere, everyone ...

For the easiest fringe consumer, one way to stand out is to purchase of expensive products, high quality and above all uncommon.Hence the popularity of limited editions so popular nowadays in the field of watchmaking. Some models are made to four hundred or five hundred copies worldwide, others a few dozen pieces, the most outstanding works in even smaller quantities. According to the famous principle "what is rare is expensive", prices obviously depend on the volume of production ...

The pleasure of owning a rare piece therefore lie only in the amount of the check that we have signed? No, says Lutz Bethge, CEO of Montblanc International, which launched a policy of high-end customization. For him, it is not just the money that gives value to an object, but the personal involvement of the buyer in the process of appropriation. As to the question whether the ultra customization would be the best present expression of luxury, Lutz Bethge answered in the affirmative this time, "but provided they are involved in the manufacture of the object" ...
Customize a watch, what is it?Generally, when this possibility exists, the formula is, from an existing template, to add an engraving (initials, drawing, emblem ...), choose a dial color or to meet some complications. Many approaches that allow the demanding amateur to own a unique piece symbolizing the difference.
Montblanc has chosen to explore in their own way this world of customization and push the limits. His proposal could be summed up in this pithy phrase: Tell us what you want, we will manufacture it.

Allow those who already have everything to offer that is not for sale, this is somehow about the brand: "We offer a unique service to all categories of products, writing instruments , watches, jewelery and leather accessories, explain its leaders. Today, our customers are able to design their own individualized Montblanc piece, made in our workshops by our craftsmen: Villeret for watches, pens Hamburg, Florence and Paris for leather for jewelry and fine jewelry " .

Pens and custom pens: bespoke also applies to pens and can reach 200,000 euros.

But who are these happy few able to afford a pen bespoke 200 000 and even more, since a room reaches a million euros? We will not be surprised to see the brand managers suddenly become dumb! Requires discretion, just admit that they are artists, sportsmen, businessmen or VIPs.

Against the formal promise not to name names, he was allowed us to browse an art book (printed in gold prices in just two copies, one for the archives of the brand and the other customer ) devoted to the birth of a pen controlled by a German comic artist. It wanted to preserve the memory of the triumph of one of his shows in a huge stadium. After careful consideration with the team dedicated to the realization of his pen, it was decided for example to reproduce the shape of the stadium at the top of the cap and give the tip of a micro look.But forcing promise we'll say no more ...

"Sometimes some customers bring us a piece of material they wish to incorporate into their pen, explains Thorsten Hering, director of studio craft. Material representing a special meaning to them, be it a piece of granite, petrified wood, mammoth tusk, jade, amber or anything else! Cut them into a component of the pen can be a real challenge for us, but our team like a challenge, push the boundaries and innovate in an artistic way. "

"Even though it was not our initial goal, it is true that some spectacular claims lead us to implement, and thus save some artistic skills or trades become very rare nowadays," says Lutz Bethge. As to allow customers to directly participate in the realization of the pen, this proposal succeeds only so rare, any production step requiring highly specialized professional skills.

First sketches, intermediate sketches, accomplished drawings, prototypes resin gradually custom pen comes to life comes true. Each aesthetic and technical choices is discussed, studied before being accepted and validated. Locally or remotely via webcam, the customer is present, assists participating. "Personally know the people who make your precious and unique object changes everything, says the CEO of Montblanc. You become a member of the family. "


Centerpiece of the pen, the pen is no exception to the personalization and the customer can choose the decoration engraved in gold. But bespoke beyond the stage of aesthetics, thanks to the intervention of a specialist as Stefan Friedrich, "Nib Montblanc Personal Expert". We were able to test the service it offers.
It starts with information: Montblanc, there are eight different nib widths! Stefan then tells us a sort of oversized pen and asks us to copy a sentence on a pallet attached to a computer."Write as you normally do, do not try to apply especially you," he advises. Obviously, the secret of this manipulation does not hide the contents of the text: The Mont Blanc is the Highest Mountain in Europe. Its summit rises 4810 m above sea level. The peak is covered with snow. A signature at the bottom of page and it's over.

The sequence of operations? Everything happens in the computer instantly analyzes the text from being written pressure on the pen, writing speed, angle of the pen over paper, rotation of the hand, wrist movements, all parameters My writing is decrypted, shelled and underlined. And the verdict Stefan falls "for you, a great pen will be" fine "or" extra fine "." And I always chose "medium" or "large" ... "Each person is unique, so is his writing, concludes Stefan. At a time when the pace of life is accelerating all the time, is still in the handwriting that can express his thoughts and his most personal emotions.Each loop, each line reveals something about the person. And writing, as unique as a fingerprint, is characteristic and unmistakable. "

My journey into the inner sanctum of Montblanc writing instruments is over. The doors of this universe or pen becomes an extension of the hand and the whole personality close. Lutz Bethgeen is convinced: "The greatest luxury is to be an actor. With these pens to measure, we are in the history of the object, an object that speaks a lot about you, that will leave a mark, a witness. The material is key, we give a reality to his own memory, an essential moment we live ... "
Then comes a question in mind: what if you who are reading this, could order a Montblanc pen or a tailor-made, what would you watch? To quote Lutz Bethge, "Who are you? What is important to you? What are your passions? "

We will give you time for reflection ...

MontBlanc - Pens

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